What is this blog about? #bloggoals

I know how isolating and overwhelming having a chronic disease and/or chronic pain can be. One’s health doesn’t just affect the patient, it affects everyone in their life. I will share my personal struggles and experiences on reveal how my medical conditions have affected my relationships.

Then, the struggle to navigate the healthcare system is a challenge that has only gotten increasingly worse as the criminalization of pain and pain management continues to rise. So, I want to discuss how to advocate for yourself or your family member.

When you’re facing chronic conditions, unfortunately, there is no magical mantra and positive thoughts are hard to come by when you are in bed, writhing in pain. In fact, it has taken me many, many years of dedicating myself to a multi-modal approach to get to where I am now. I will share everything I have tried with you–what worked, what didn’t and even things I haven’t tried but have been helpful to others.

My goal is not to heal but to improve your quality life and find ways to bring meaning and joy into your daily life by redefining what wellness means.

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