What kinds of things will be in this blog?

I will be posting a variety of different types of videos along with blogs.

I will post stretching and exercise videos catering to a wide range of mobility levels, including being primarily bed ridden. I will teach the one crucial stretch that aims to avoid or greatly reduce muscle contracture which makes moving (while primarily being bedridden) very difficult and painful. I will show you how to activate your core (which is key) and how to engage all of your muscles, even if you are wheelchair-bound. It’s crucial to avoid muscle atrophy.

Also, I will be discussing nutrition, supplements and complementary healing modalities. A high-protein, low-fat diet is critical to reducing pain levels. I will address the foods can either reduce inflammation or cause it. Plus, it’s so hard to prepare the most basic meals and getting to the grocery store can be impossible. I will address all of these issues and more. Including, tips for cleaning up.

I will interview a wide variety of healthcare professionals from anesthesiologists to Reiki practitioners to help explain what kinds of treatments are available. I will start by sharing all the traditional and non-traditional things I have tried over the years. Some made me much worse, some were traumatic, some didn’t do much long term but felt good in the moment and some things helped in profound ways.

Also, I want to create a space to educate and advocate for the human right to have adequate pain medications and treatment to improve quality of life for those who are too sick to advocate for themselves. I want to dispel the pervasive myths surrounding the opioid epidemic through education. Pain patients are losing access to effective treatment at an alarming rate and now, Medicare will no longer cover pain medications for those who are most vulnerable.

However, the opioid epidemic has only gotten worse with new cases of addiction skyrocketing. Clearly, the approach of targeting doctors and pharmacists is not working. I want to explore the reasons why this is happening and discuss options to resolve these complicated problems.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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