I am dedicating my blog to my Dr of almost a decade, Forest Tenant, MD.

My Doctor of nearly a decade, Forest Tennant, MD closed his practice at the beginning of this month. I am absolutely devastated by this sudden, tragic development.

By the winter 2010, my medications were becoming increasingly ineffective and the Dr I had been seeing was chalking it up to fear of moving forward in my life due to my PTSD. I tried to explain that was not the case because I was eager to work, continue to develop the relationships in my life and most of all, I wanted to go for daily walks again as I had been able to do with quite a bit of regularity for a couple of years. However, I was bed ridden from my neurological pain disorder plus I was having increasing episodes of dystonia and muscle spasms. To top it off, I as constantly sick with a variety of auto-immune symptoms like fatigue, body aches, low grade fevers, nausea, a sore throat and painful swollen glands. This was NOT in my head! I was increasingly despondent and fearful that I would not live for much longer because of the strain my pain was putting on my vital organs.

My Mom searched the Internet for help. She was trying to find a Doctor who would be able to treat my complicated medical history. She found a website created by an Intractable Pain Specialist who was not too far from where I was living. When I read his survival guidebook for patients with Intractable Pain Disease, I felt a huge wave of relief and sadness at the same time. I realized that I was indeed more sick than I had ever been before, which was extremely hard to come to terms with. Yet, on the other hand, I felt totally validated, sane and very excited about finding Specialist who could finally really help me. This expert was Forest Tennant, MD in West Covina, CA and he, very literally, saved my life. I am not alone…he has saved countless lives.

Within the medical community, he is a highly respected medical researcher, valued leader and highly respected specialist. To his patients, he is a literal life saving hero, a compassionate healer who has helped improve our quality of life in the most profound ways imaginable. He will leave a void and will be deeply missed.

He taught me so much and I want to keep his legacy alive by continuing to share what he taught me. I highly recommend that you print out this “Survival Handbook” because it’s life changing!

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