Arachnoiditis: Diagnosis and Treatment

I personally do not have Arachnoiditis but many many people with Intractable Pain Disease are dually diagnosed with both.

Arachnoiditis is an excruciatingly painful, debilitating, complex disorder that used to be considered very rare. However, it’s been discovered that it’s actually wildly under diagnosed and misdiagnosed far more than previously realized. Dr. Forest Tennant has devoted a lifetime of research to it in his Intractable Pain Management Clinic and now, in his “retirement”, he continues to address this debilitatingly painful condition. Here he explains more about what it is and what can be done to help patients with it.

If you or a loved one has Arachnoiditis, I hope you find this and the previous blog post with The Arachnoiditis Handbook, helpful. Please, download it and use it. Now, more than ever we must be proactively applying a multi-pronged approach to our excruciating diagnoses.

Let’s raise each other up!

Arachnoiditis: Diagnosis and Treatment
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