Strict limits on opioid prescribing risk ‘inhumane treatment’ of pain patients

Please, be aware that this article is a little out of date. Medicare did follow through on changing the coverage for those patients who need monthly pain medications for persistent chronic pain, including patients with Intractable Pain Disease and other long term, debilitating pain diseases and disorders. The UN has, also, stated the lack of access to pain medications is inhumane and cruel. However, this is an article that explains in a very clear, easy to understand manner, the complex ramifications of prescribing guidelines being used as the law and not as intended recommendations. It’s something that you can share with others to help explain why loosing access to pain medications is not helpful but instead is harmful to those who need opioid medications the most.

“Turning voluntary guidelines about prescribing opioids for chronic pain into strict policy will deny these medications to people who truly need them.”
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