Let’s Get Real! “Pre-existing conditions: Does any GOP proposal match the ACA?”| PolitiFact

I wish I didn’t have to bring up politics because I respect our different political factions- this is what makes our country free and it makes our country great. However, the more I hear politicians on both sides lie, the more I feel the need to cut through not only the spin but the outright LIES.

The Republicans who know will loose votes if you knew the FACTS are twisting the truth in regards to mandatory coverage of Pre Existing Conditions for Insurances Companies. They can SAY that because they have worded their new changes to The Affordable Care Act/ Obamacare in such a way that it sounds like they support it. But they have included a section that says Insurance Companies don’t really HAVE to cover Pre Existing Conditions! If given an out, you can bet on the greedy, billion dollar companies to choose million dollar bonuses to their CEO’s over putting that money into covering the extra expenses that come with patients with chronic diseases. Before Obamacare, pregnancy could even be considered a pre-existing condition… so, you can imagine how they view REALLY complicated and highly medicated conditions such as Intractable Pain, Arachnoiditis, Ehler’s Danlos and others.

In any other time, I would avoid this. Obamacare was full of problems and needed a major overhaul. Trump PROMISED to REPEAL and REPLACE but what is happening is NOT that… these politicians don’t want to REPLACE Obamacare with something better, they want to go back to the time before Obamacare. They want Insurance Companies to be able to charge as much as they want to the healthy and the wealthy, ONLY.

The GOP wants to pay for their tax bill by taking ALL the money out of Entitlement Programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to pay for tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest corporations and people.

Healthcare should not be for the healthy and wealthy. It should NOT be a partisan issue. I should not have to make my Chronic Pain Blog political. But, my life, literally depends on it. My life and so many of your lives depend on benefits that we worked for to get Medicaid, Medicare, Disability and Worker’s Comp benefits. If you’re able to work and pay for insurance, than your life depends on Insurance Companies covering and not being allowed to make you pay a fortune for Insurance because you have chronic health issues that are considered Pre Existing Conditions.

This is not a partisan issue for me. Obamacare wasn’t perfect but it allowed millions of people to get quality healthcare through it’s Medicaid Expansion clause and it’s mandatory coverage for Pre Existing Conditions.

Let’s get real: Politicians lie because they need you to vote for them. They also need Insurance Companies to pay for luxurious vacations and funnel money through PACS. So, let’s show our representatives what matters most to us, so that they get the message and stop making this a partisan issue! Healthcare should be a Human Right! Demand it! Vote for the politicians who will protect your right to quality healthcare. Vote for your life. Every vote counts!

The bill adds an option for companies to deny certain coverage if “it will not have the capacity to deliver services adequately.”

To Allison Hoffman, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, that’s a big loophole.

“Insurers could exclude someone’s preexisting conditions from coverage, even if they offered her a policy,” Hoffman said. “That fact alone sinks any claims that this law offers pre-existing condition protection.”

— Read on www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2018/oct/17/pre-existing-conditions-does-any-gop-proposal-matc/


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