The Current Politicization Of Healthcare

The one thing I was specifically optimistic and ready for, were the changes that Trump was promising us, on the campaign trail in regards to “replacing the ACA/Obamacare with something better”. Trump promised to make healthcare better for all of us and I believed that he would keep pre-existing conditions because he told us he would. Because, even though the ACA made many things better, it needed some MAJOR changes, especially in the areas that affected tightening of laws specific to Pain Management and access to pain medications for people, like me, who cannot function without opioids to manage my debilitating Intractable Pain Disease. So, once he was elected, I felt optimistic about this and the changes that he was promising us, to make healthcare MORE accessible, LESS expensive, like he had promised. Instead, almost immediately, Trump backed a Bill that was going to “repeal” the ACA, without “replacing” it.

Trump promised that he was different… that he was going to stand up and say, no, to the politicians in Washington, DC, and give the people what he promised. He promised to “repeal and replace”. For me, this was the most important issue because I have Full Body/Systemic CRPS, TBI, PVE and Intractable Pain Disease, which are excruciatingly painful medical conditions. Over the past couple months I have also been diagnosed with EDS, Arachnoiditis, POTS + Dysautonomia. I am, currently, in the middle of being diagnosed with POTS. An MRI, next week, will hopefully help shed light on what kind of Arachnoiditis I have. Without the changes, mandated by The ACA/Obamacare, I would not have access to healthcare, MRI’s, Echocardiograms, medications and more. My life, very literally depends on the positive changes in our healthcare system that, are all because of The Affordable Care Act/ Obamacare, so I never wanted those changes to be “repealed” but not “replaced with something better”…. and Trump, originally promised to “repeal and replace”. But, you don’t hear him promising that anymore!!

Now, it is very clear to me, that while he may have wanted “replace” the ACA, the Republicans in Congress and the Senate, only wanted to “repeal it.” all he has done is lie about his promise to “repeal and replace”. In the past week, he keeps lying about Republicans being able to protect pre-existing conditions. They have tried 17 times to vote against the ACA either to totally repeal it or to take away pre-existing conditions, even allow insurance companies to charge you more for those pre-existing conditions and so much more. One bill that was passed by Republicans, destroyed Medicaid Expansion by letting each State Government decide wether to use the Federal money for Medicaid to go to Medicaid or, instead, they can use that money for ANYTHING else that state wants. Thus, millions of people in multiple, so called, “red states”, have already lost Medicaid entirely or, now, don’t get medications paid for, they can’t get medical devices, have life saving surgeries and the list goes on.

I am so sick of politicians using healthcare as a political issue. The people have made what they want very clear. They want affordable, quality healthcare! We, the people, want access to Entitlement Programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Disability and Social Security.

I hoped that Trump would make this better like he promised. Instead of standing up for improving healthcare, he keeps blaming issues like this on the Democrats. This is just a bold face lie becaause but Republicans are in the majority! They don’t need 1 Democrat on board, to get these bills passed. The GOP have the MAJORITY of seats in both the House (Congress) and in the Senate. That means, they have enough votes on their own, to vote and change any law they want to change.

I’m so irritated by this because the GOP should be touting their strength in numbers! They should make it known, that they have the majority, so who cares that the Democrats are voting against anything. The Republicans have majority in Congress, the Senate and we have a Republican President. Trump should focus on that! Who cares if the Dems try to “obstruct”, they have zero power!! Zero!! They can vote against everything, they can speak about what they don’t want and what they do want. That’s what politicians do. But, I am sick of the lies that Democrats have har any meaningful power, for the past 2 years. It’s a lie that certain things, like building the wall, repealing and replacing Obamacare have failed because of Democrats. Republicans could have done that by now, if they all voted YES. They don’t Dems but they do need, almost, every single Republican to vote in the same way. Stop blaming other people and get it together. The GOP could have gotten so much more accomplished if they all agreed to vote the same way.

When Trump won, it seemed like he was going to get it all done! Republicans had the majority all they needed was a Republican President. The problem was… and still is, some Republican Congressmen and Senators are listening to what the people want instead of listening to special interest groups created by insurance companies to support their greed. However, there is literally, a few who are actually listening to the people.

It’s broken my heart to see Trump blaming Dems for everything when they literally had no power to do anything. I wanted him to stand up for the truth instead of lie. Politicians lie all the time, they spin the truth and they omit. But, Trump promised he would be different and I was counting on him to be a warrior of truth. As a health advocate, I pay attention to the bills that politicians write and how politicians actually vote. I don’t just rely on news and I certainly don’t take a politician’s word for it. I keep seeing Republican politicians who voted against healthcare reform that my life depends on. I know many of your live depend on it, too. I, know who has gone after Affordable and Accesaible Healthcare and it is not the majority of the Republicans.

I hoped healthcare would get better. It has only gotten worse. I don’t plan to vote Republican. or Democrat, this year, I am voting for those politicians who will ensure pre-existing conditions, not take our Entitlements to pay for the tax cuts of the wealthy, as Mitch McConnell plans to do.

This is America, you can vote for who you want to vote for… that is what makes our country so great! I respect you voting for who you want to vote for. I respect you if you are a Democrat or if you are a Republican or even an Independent. We need to listen to each other more. We need to pay attention to how our Representatives vote and what they are voting on. That is the only way to know where they really stand.

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