The Politicians And Their Letter In Support Of The FDA’s Approval Of A Powerful New Pain Medication

Four Senators helped make this possible. For legitimate pain patients, this is a sign of hope. These politicians took a brave stand to ensure that our military troops have adequate pain relief on the front line. Research shows that early intervention for acute trauma and pain via Ketamine and high dose opioids actually prevent a patient from developing long term chronic pain.

I would like to add that instead of vilifying opioids we need to vilify our health care system that doesn’t support a multi modal approach the prevention and treatment for trauma, injuries and surgeries.

Our Veterans give their lives to defend our freedoms and the least we can do to reward their service is to treat them ethically and compassionately. They deserve the best care and what we have learned from their medical treatment has pushed pain management into a whole new arena.

When I first had a TBI and developed Systemic CRPS, very little was understood about the brain and it’s ability to heal. Also, Obama devoted NHS funds to mapping the brain. Combined, the understanding and subsequent treatment protocols totally transformed and evolved in under a decade.

The military is often the first to use cutting edge treatment and technology. Hyperbaric Oxygen has transformed the expected outcomes for soldiers dealing with Traumatic Brain Injuries and PTSD. The research devoted to our Veterans has affected the lives of civilians and will hopefully help Hyperbarics Oxygen to become part of a standard treatment protocolfor people in motor vehicle accidents, victims of assault and victims of domestic violence.

The fact is, is that Opioids are not inherently evil. When taken under proper supervision and when following a strict protocol, opioids allow patients who would otherwise be totally debilitated, be able to be productive members of society.

The fact is, is, most patients do NOT abuse their prescriptions. The fact is, this drug is not for a broken leg or sciatica. This is for soldiers who are being blown up by IEDS on the frontlines.

It also gives me hope that the FDA is listening to what pain patients are saying. So, are a handful of Senators, who are willing to put their careers on the line so that our service members have improved quality of life and a greater chance of not having debilitating chronic pain down the line.

Take a look at which Senators made this possible and why.

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