Untreated Intractable Pain Is Deadly

These new laws and inability to get proper treatment for debilitating Chronic and Intractable Pain are directly connected to skyrocketing suicide rates. Lack of pain adequate medication and the disconnect between the harsh reality of pain patients and the public of pain management deeply wounds and further stigmatizes a population that struggles to do the most basic daily tasks.

When pain becomes a disease, it is life threatening. Intractable Pain Disease is caused by numerous medical conditions such as CRPS, CFS, Arachnoiditis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and more. For these patients, unmitigated, high pain levels drastically reduces their average life expectancy and increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Sadly, Intractable Pain patients, also, face the issue of progressively degenerative cognitive function. Patients struggle with focusing, processing information, communication and more. Hormonal imbalances rage, affecting mood swings, anxiety, weight gain or loss, lack of muscle tone and skin disorders, to name a few. Intractable Pain patients deal with auto immune problems and are constantly fighting extreme fatigue, swollen glands, low grade fevers and chronic viral infections.

All of these symptoms must be managed properly. The most important symptom to manage is the pain. However, the wide range of symptoms must be taken into account. When pain is mentioned in a public forum, it’s described as a nuisance and something to be pushed through and mitigated with Tylenol.

Chronic pain is increasingly stigmatized. Misconceptions and outright lies about opioid pain medications for actual patients by legitimate doctors are espoused as the gospel truth. The real world consequences of these myths, coupled with these new prescribing laws are absolutely tragic. Sadly, when suicide is discussed in a public forum, pain is never mentioned.

Pain patients are invisible. Our suffering is beyond comprehension and without adequate treatment, including opioid pain medications, despair can be overwhelming. We must push to raise awareness on this issue and get the truth out there! Pain patients deserve competent, compassionate medical care. It is a fundamental human right.

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