Federal Opioid Legislation Passed

Federal Opioid Legislation Passed
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Many Pain Patients Have Lost Access to Pain Meds. What Do Patients Do Now? “The Kratom User’s Guide”

There’s a lot of negativity in the media lately about Kratom. The push from the DEA and FDA to ban Kratom is fueled by powerful special interests who pump billions of dollars into lobbying groups every year. A lot of other pain patient advocates won’t publicly support the use of Kratom due to lack of research and the hysteria around it.

However, I was first told about Kratom by my former Intractable Pain Specialist, Dr. Forest Tennant, a few years ago. He actually gave some to his patients to try. His goal for his patients was always to get our need for high dose opioids down using a vigilant, multi pronged approach to pain management. It’s important to buy Kratom from a reputable company that sources that uses a quality controlled laboratory.

The people who have overdosed with Kratom have illegal drugs in their system, like heroin and/or fake pharmaceuticals. I started using Kratom myself when my ability to be prescribed adequate pain medication to allow me to function. I have had Intractable Pain for over 15 years and spent the majority of that time bed ridden from my TBI, full body CRPS, EDS and PVE.

With the help of Hyperbaric Oxygen and Somatic Experiencing I have successfully cut my medications by well over half of what I took a couple years ago. However, I still need more than the CDC’s “recommended” dose which has somehow become the legal prescribing limit for Dr’s across the country. Most Dr’s won’t prescribe opioids anymore, pharmacies don’t carry opioids. The media is always espousing non opioid, alternative pain medication options which in the high doses Intractable Pain patients need are either toxic on the kidney, liver and/or the stomach. Whereas, prescription opioids are actually one of the safest medications when used properly, under careful supervision of a doctor. They are especially safe in terms of toxicity on vital organs unlike Naproxen, Acetaminophen, NSAID’s and other non opioid alternatives.

The access to prescription pain medications has been virtually eradicated while overdose and suicide rates are skyrocketing. Fake pharmaceuticals are flooding our streets and the media still accuses doctors of overprescribing. So, when someone tells you they can get you OxyContin and they show something that looks identical to their old prescription, it’s logical to think it’s from one of these “overprescribing doctors”. Yet, these are NOT legitimate pharmaceuticals. They are fake pharmaceuticals! Usually these counterfeit street drugs are made with literally everything that cleans your kitchen sink and, all too often, are laced with counterfeit Fentanyl. Yet, people are desperate to get their pain down so they can be functional again. Plus, these fake opioids are far more readily available than prescription opioids and they look virtually identical.

These days, tragically, without adequate pain relief, people are so desperate to put an end to their suffering, they are taking their own lives. Yet, when suicide is a topic in the news, this is never addressed. Pain patients are being stigmatized and silenced. The anxiety of actually finding a Pain Dr and finding a pharmacy that even carries your pain medication is overwhelming. We are now political pawns in the latest war on drugs.

I have gone back and forth on posting information on Kratom. However, as I hear and read about more pain patients turning to suicide because they no longer have access to pain medications, I feel like it’s an important issue to blog about. I wish we didn’t have to turn towards something that is unregulated. I wish pain was talked about with compassion and respect. I wish every news piece on the opioid epidemic also highlighted a person whose life dramatically got better because they were prescribed prescription opioids. I wish that people would stop accusing pain patients of being addicts because Intractable Pain is a life threatening disease and without pain control, we are doomed to a drastically shortened life span.

For us, pain is more than a nuisance, it’s a disease. Most pain patients are NOT addicts and yet we are labeled and treated as such. I am here to advocate for pain patients. Wether you have chronic pain or Intractable Pain, if your quality of life will benefit from pain medication that you can no longer get, I want to advocate for you. I know how devastating suffering from debilitating pain and loosing access to your medications can be. Because of new opioid prescribing and manufacturing laws, people are now, out of medications. Thus, after years, even decades of functioning on prescription pain medications, they are now bed ridden and house bound.

If interested in trying Kratom, please, understand that it’s important to research the company Kratom. Do not take a lot to start.

Most pain patients say that Red Maeng Da is the most effective. The second most talked about for pain is Green Maeng Da.

Be aware that the FDA had been trying to ban Kratom for years now. There is a lot of propaganda out there that is meant to scare people into not using Kratom. However, the same is true for prescription opioids. Unfortunately, pain patients are never a part of the public dialogue. We do not have billions of dollars to spend on lobbyists to raise our voices in Washington DC. So, it’s up to us to find each other and help one another. So, dig a little deeper and you will find that the people who have adverse affects have so many illegal drugs in their system that they cannot “officially” say it was the Kratom that killed them. But, they certainly make it sound that way.

Be safe! Be well! Be functional!

The Kratom User’s Guide
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”Buying studies, diluting messages: How health care companies use much more than lobbying to protect profits” | Tarbell

With Congress set to debate “Medicare-for-all,” Tarbell examines efforts by health insurers to take over past health care reforms.
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“The Daily Pain of Having Extreme Perception”

When I got full body Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy (CRPS), I had developed Centralized Pain. None of the Neurologists, Physical Rehab Specialists or Anesthesiologists I saw were ever able to explain why smells, tastes, sounds and light touch became excruciatingly painful. It was as though my senses became a means for by body to become a self contained Medieval Torture Chamber. I wasn’t able to live independently because I was so debilitated from my RSD that was caused by a post concussive syndrome with persistent whiplash. I had a Traumatic Brain Injury in 1994 and was born with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome but was only recently diagnosed with EDS. So, my neurological issues were fairly complicated and overlapped with early childhood post viral auto immune syndrome along with a connective tissue disorder that became more progressively more painful and degenerative over time.

The progressive neurological and physiological degeneration made my Sensory Processing Disorder increasingly more excruciating over time. Yet, no Dr was ever able to explain why I had developed this complicated problem with sensory input. I coped by calling it my “spidey senses”. I couldn’t even bear the smell of onions or garlic being cooked in a distant part of the house… and one day, the sound of a neighbor’s wind chime caused me such agony that I begged my Mom to find it and make it stop. It was more than 5 houses down the street and yet it sounded like it was in my bedroom. Light touch felt like shards of glass on my skin and people feared touching me. My isolation became more unbearable and I became increasingly filled with despair. Knowing that my suffering was affecting the lives of those around me was harder than living with 24/7 debilitating pain. I lived with a heating pad on high, satiny soft clothes, I wore soft, “Ugg” styled boots year round because everything else was too painful, I had to have sheets made from Bamboo or Eucalyptus and I never went without ear plugs.

The only person who could give me any insight was my Mom, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She had experience with children who had SPD.

Now, after living with this for 15 years, I am in a much better place. Thankfully, Hyperbaric Oxygen has transformed my life and my senses are less painful than before. However, I use a weighted blanket, have soft, satiny sheets made out of wood pulp and I live a very quiet life. I had to let go of friends and family who bring conflict, judgement and drama. It’s been a hard journey but self care has been central to my path to healing. I know that I have chronic diseases but Healing & Wellness are not beyond my reach. It’s because of my health issues that it’s more important than ever before that I do everything I can to support my special needs.

I will be posting more personal stories and videos… along with more information on things that have helped me to not be bed ridden anymore. Although, there are still days and weeks when I am still bed ridden from my pain. However, I try to not beat myself up over it. I find that honoring my body serves my wellness in the long run.

Understanding the complex facets, like Sensory Processing Disorder that comes with Centralized Pain, RSD/CRPS, Arachnoiditis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism and other medical diseases and syndromes is crucial to taking care of yourself and your loved ones. The person with SPD is affected as are those in that person’s life.

This article is both illuminating and filled with vital information on SPD. I hope you can read it and share it with anyone who can benefit from it.

“When a gentle glow feels like a spotlight and everyday sounds hurt your ears, life can get anxious and painful. But there may be an upside to being a highly sensitive person.
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As Doctors Taper Or End Opioid Prescriptions, Many Patients Driven To Despair, Suicide | Fox News

Doctors and medical establishments are sharply reducing doses of – or altogether no long prescribing — pain medications, leaving many among the estimated 20 million Americans who suffer from daily debilitating chronic pain to consider ending their lives, and many others to kill themselves.
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CBD is everywhere. But does it work? – Vox

CBD isn’t BS. But CBD products probably are.
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America Has an Opium War. China Hadn’t Noticed

First of all, the issue of addiction in the US is a complicated web of socio-economic imbalance intersecting with an ever increasing national mental health crises. Our legislators are criminalizing pain management which is turn is maximizing dire health consequences for pain patients.

The media is still blaming medical doctors for overprescribing while blatantly ignoring the sweeping legislative changes that have affected prescriptions, pharmacies and legitimate pain patients who’s lives very literally depend on their opioid prescriptions reducing their debilitating chronic pain and improving their quality of life. Pain patients are automatically stigmatized as “drug seekers” and are always left out of the public conversation about opioids.

There is a narrative in the media about the the opioid epidemic. Instead of talking about the fact that the majority of patients receiving opioids do not abuse them. Most drug abusers do not start using illicit opioids via Dr’s but instead start using drugs through a drug dealer. They avoid addressing the disease of addiction and focus solely on demonizing pain and doctors practicing pain management.

The media never talk about the intense pain a family member was seeking treatment for without any compassion. Instead, they bring a crusading family member who has started a Foundation For Addiction. This family has experienced intense tragedy and their loss is heartbreaking. Yet, they bring these people in to condemn, very often their diseased grown child’s Dr for prescribing pain medications. Instead they should be criticizing the health care industry for not treating their adult child’s pain effectively. They shame them for giving any medication at all even when (and often) an inadequate amount of opioids. Then they blame this Dr for their child’s death because after the Dr stopped prescribing pain medications, their child went seeking relief for their pain by buying heroin on the street. This is a failure of our health care system and not an issue of overprescribing.

I am so tired of this narrative that paints pain patients as drug seekers and blamed Dr’s for their adult children’s disease of addiction.

Pharmaceutical companies make a fortune off of MAT and recovery programs because they manufacture Naloxone and Buprenophone, anti depressants and all drugs used in the multi billion dollar detox centers all across the country. So, the bill Trump just passed to encourage MAT programs continues to benefit big pharma while politicians can prop themselves up on the backs of those who are suffering from debilitating pain diseases.

The people who are loosing here are pain patients. The majority of patients who are prescribed opioids do NOT abuse their medications. Doctors have strict guidelines for prescribing opioids and even surgeons must adhere to new restrictions. Cancer patients and those who live with life threatening painfully debilitating chronic diseases no longer have access to the medications they need.

Big pharma will continue to profit while politicians can wave their badges of honor for enacting even more rigid laws that are increasingly leaving once active pain patients debilted because they have lost access to their opioid prescriptions. These laws are cruel and inhumane. They are fueled by misleading information and a bias towards the disease of addiction rather than those who legitimately need pain medications to have the most basic level of daily functionality. Suicide rates are skyrocketing while accesss to pain medications are plummeting and yet no media outlet ever mentions the correlation which is all to obvious for those who live with someone with a debilitatingly painful medical condition.

Don’t believe the hype! China manufactures chemicals that can be sold online and in head shops around the US, known as bath salts. Once one chemical compound is banned, they tweak it and release a compound that is not banned and the cycle continues. China is the main distributor for illegal Fentanyl that can be mailed and cooked up in someone’s home in a safer manner than Methamphetamines. Drug dealers and gangs have taken over small towns and cities all across the United States. These drug dealers lace their products with illegal Fentanyl because addicts are drawn to drugs that someone has od’d on. “It must be good product.” That is the mind set of an addict.

While the media continues to point the finger at the medical industry for overprescribing …. while the media continues to ignore the major changes in legislation that make getting a prescription for pain medication impossible for a dying cancer patient… people will continue to assume the fake opioids on the street are from a Doctor NOT a drug dealer who cooked it up in his basement.

Fake opioids laced with Fentanyl are on the rise because real prescriptions are now virtually impossible for people to get. These lies fuel the pharmaceutical industry by feeding the billion dollar recovery industry. Don’t be fooled by these laws. Overdose deaths are on the rise, suicide rates are skyrocketing…

The only way to stop the madness is to invest in mental health programs, have guidelines and protocols for Dr’s to use when prescribing opioids, start a national registry for pain patients and overhaul the healthcare industry to treat every patient with a multi modal approach to healing. Things like physical therapy being included in post surgical care, massage therapy and mental health experts are available to EVERYONE, when nutrition classes and prevention is a regular part of Family Medicine…. then and only then will we see a decline in substance abuse.

If someone had surgery and then suffers from chronic pain, yet are forced off of medications in 3 days post surgery, then is desperate for pain relief, they are labeled a drug addict. Without accesss to a long term compassionate, integrative post operative health care plan, we will continue to see the rise in Fentanyl related deaths. People will seek pain relief from the sources available and unfortunately the fake pharmaceuticals look identical to the real pharmaceuticals these days. This is how Prince died and thousands of others die every day. They are seeking relief for legitimate pain and are stigmatized and labeled an addict for simply trying to find relief.

This is a complex issue that we must continue to discuss and debate. If we continue to let the addiction narrative totally ignore the issue of PAIN then we will never be able to stop this cycle of skyrocketing addiction, overdoses and suicide rates that is sweeping our nation.

“America Has an Opium War. China Hadn’t Noticed”
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