Tackling The Latest Target in The War On Pain: “6 Most Common Myths About Kratom”

As kratom became more well known and popular in the Western world it also became a target for disinformation, misinformation, and myths. In this article, we’re going to tackle six major myths about kratom and explaining the truth behind the falsehoods.
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“Why Aging Women Need Testosterone”| Life Extension Magazine

Why Aging Women Need Testosterone – page 1 | Life Extension
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The Physiologic Effects of Pain on the Endocrine System

The Physiologic Effects of Pain on the Endocrine System
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Treat the Pain… Save a Heart

Although severe pain can have profound and negative impacts on the cardiovascular (CV) system, this complication has received scant attention. Pain may affect the CV system by multiple mechanisms, and sudden CV death may occur in chronic pain patients who experience a severe pain flare.
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Menopause and Pain: Is There a Connection?

Estrogen and progesterone levels decline during menopause, which in turn can cause a variety of symptoms. Is pain one of them?
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Hormones and Pain Care Information Network

A new website launched that focuses on vital, groundbreaking information for pain patients!

Sadly, in 2019, most pain patients are facing forced tapering of pain medications and, sadly, loss of access to prescription medications entirely. This website explains how to address Chronic and Intractable Pain by treating the Endocrine System.

Dr Forest Tennant has devoted a lifetime to researching this topic. His research has proven that the only way to reduce pain levels and, thus reduce the amount of opioids an IP patient takes every day, is to treat a patients hormones as well. This new website will help you learn how this is achieved.

Hormones and Pain Care Information Network
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10 Myths About the Opioid Crisis — Pain News Network

10 Myths About the Opioid Crisis — Pain News Network
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