FIPR – Families for Intractable Pain Relief

This is one of the best resources on the web for patients with Intractable Pain Disease, their families & caregivers.

Veract, Inc. was founded by my Dr of nearly a decade, Forrest Tennant, MD, who is one of the world’s foremost experts on Intractable Pain Disease. The work done through this site by the patients&family members living with and/or affected by IP is some of the most important education and advocacy work around. Please, read and share it!

FIPR – Families for Intractable Pain Relief
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3 thoughts on “FIPR – Families for Intractable Pain Relief

    1. I, found out that they have been focusing on this website called: I, have a link to this website, in one of the last blog posts here. It is a website focusing on Dr. Forrest Tennant’s, ongoing research.
      I, will be, officially, closing this blog, due to the requirements of my new pain management doctors office’s policy on posting content about pain medications online, but wanted to get this information to you before I close it.
      Thank you for your support!


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